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Mapping programs:

USPS Zip Code Boundary Map

2006FE ZCTA Zip Code Boundary Map - Overlay Map Based

2000 ZCTA Zip Code Boundary Map - Line Based

County, City and Town Zip Code Boundary Maps

2000 ZCTA Zip Code Boundary Map - Merges Zip Codes into one Boundary

3 Digit Zip Code Boundary Map

Town/City Boundary Map

County Boundary Map

Core Based Statistical Area (FIPSCSA) Boundary Map

All these maps work essentially the same. Either click on a point inside the US or key a zip code and the program will draw the border for the region in question. Some points will result in no border being drawn due to the point being outside of the polygons in our database.

Geocoder: Translate an address into latitude and longitude coordinates.

Select a road by clicking on it (US only).

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