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October 11, 2006

Reverse Geocoder Complete!

The reverse geocoder is now complete. Coverage includes the entire continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


Retrieving data using our programs

You may use our programs to retrieve data in the form of XML files for use on your own maps or whatever purposes by using this syntax:

5 Digit ZCTA Zip Codes:

http://maps.huge.info/zipv0.pl?ZIP=<5 digit zip code here>



3 Digit ZCTA Zip Codes:

http://maps.huge.info/zip3.pl?ZIP3=<3 digit zip code here>


October 15, 2006

Accessing Reverse Geocoder from an Application

To access the underlying program of the reverse geocoder from an application using a SOAP interface, the following syntax applies:


Each IP is allowed 150 "hits" on this program for every 2 hours. Once the limit has been reached, 2 hours must pass before resuming or the lock will be extended another 2 hours. Adding the SOAP=Y parameter returns a more SOAP friendly format, omitting this parameter returns xml for use in the Google Maps API.




<info hitrem="139"/>
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94043-1352
Computed: 37.423659,-122.088431
Distance: 1 feet
<street>AMPHITHEATRE PKWY</street>
<city>MOUNTAIN VIEW</city>
<distance>1 feet</distance>

October 31, 2006

"Enterprise" use of our programs

All programs on this site can be used in any application for free within limits. Exceeding the free limit will cause your application to be locked out for a period of time. The limits are as follows:

Each IP is allowed 150 "hits" on any program followed by a 120 minute cessation of activity. After 120 minutes of no activity, your application will again be allowed another 150 hits. Please note that some applications consume more than one "hit" per use, such as applications that display a zip code as an image. Such a program would consume one hit to pull the Zip Code and another to pull the Zip Code image from the image library.

If this level of usage is not adequate for your application, "hits" can be purchased based on the following schedule:

"Enterprise use" Rate Schedule

1-1000 hits: $.01 per hit ($10 minimum)
1,001-5,000 hits: $10 plus $.005 per hit over 1,000 hits
5,001-10,000 hits: $30 plus $.003 per hit over 5,000 hits
10,001-50,000 hits: $45 plus $.002 per hit over 10,000 hits
50,001-200,000 hits: $125 plus $.0015 per hit over 50,000 hits
200,001+ hits: $350 plus $.001 per hit over 200,000 hits.

This schedule applies to hits purchased in advance.


Your application has a requirement of 15,000 hits.

$10.00 - First 1000 hits
$20.00 - 1001 to 5000 hits
$15.00 - 5001 to 10000 hits
$10.00 - 10001 to 15000 hits
$55.00 Total.

See this page for a hit calculator: Sales Information Page

Additional hits purchased are not additive. It would be most cost effective to purchase more than you need. No refunds for unused hits. No refunds for any reason what so ever. Please keep this in mind when using our services.

Customized programmatic interfaces are available at standard programming charges.

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