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June 1, 2007

Google Location Based Ads Announced!

During the Google Developer Day 2007 in San Jose (and around the world) a very exciting and profitable announcement was made regarding the optional addition of location based advertising in the map viewport. These ads will appear as pseudo (my word) markers and when clicked will bring up an add that if clicked on, will generate revenue for the AdSense partner.

These ads are 100% optional and can be omitted simply by not acting. Once they are activated with a couple of Javascript lines, they will appear on the map but not before. All the fear of ads appearing on maps without any choice seems to be unfounded, although this hasn't been discussed much recently.

You can get a taste of how location based embedded ads will work by going to maps.google.com, try this url:


Check out the BART stations, you'll see that when you hover over them your mouse changes to indicate a hot spot, clicking on it brings up an infowindow just like a marker. In fact, it isn't a marker but a "pseudo" marker that causes a round trip request to the Google server to get the meta data for the infowindow. Very clever, very efficient,
very fast.

The rollout of this feature will be sometime in the month of June.

June 29, 2007

Samples of Zip Code and ZCTA polygons

For those who wish to see samples of the actual data files used in creating the USPS zip code and 2006 ZCTA boundary maps, there is a sample directory available in both shapefile and SQL data dump format:


The SQL data dump is PostgreSQL format, so no geometry is involved, however, the spatial data is stored as point and polygon data types so spatial queries can still be performed. This is for those that do not have PostGIS or another shapefile aware data system.

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