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October 6, 2007

New Product Available: Zip codes with bounding boxes

We've developed a new product that contains the following fields:

Zip Code
Zip Code Name
State Number
County Number
Centroid Point
Point Zip Code Indicator
Southwest Corner
Northeast Corner

This table contains:
41,768 zip codes.
41,533 zip codes with centroids.
31,580 zip codes with bounding boxes.
10,188 point zip codes (PO Boxes, single buildings, etc.)

Included with this product is the state number to state name reference, with state bounding box and the county number to county name reference tables.

The price of this product is $600.00 and is available now. The data is current as of 09/2007.

USPS Zip Code Polygons Updated

Our USPS Zip Code Polygon database has been updated! The new database is current as of 09/2007 and contains 31,581 zip code areas. Combine this database with our zip code bounding box product and you'll have a complete zip code depiction package. The new database comes as either shapefiles (one per state) or as a tab delimited file in PostgreSQL dump format. Importing this data into your MySQL, SQL Server or other database system is easily accomplished using the PostgreSQL format, your GIS program is probably best with the shapefiles.

The price for this product is $5000.00 and updates are $1250.00 available each quarter. Updates are not mandatory and contain a full database, so update only on your schedule, not ours.

If you've purchased a license to our ZCTA database already, there is a special price on these polygons of $4000.00 for a limited time (expires 12/31/2007).

See the data in action on this page: www.usnaviguide.com/zip.htm

October 8, 2007

Google Polygon Encoding Algorithm in Perl

We've created a Google Polygon Encoding Algorithm in Perl released under GPL. This routine was ported from Mark McClure's work located at: http://facstaff.unca.edu/mcmcclur/GoogleMaps/EncodePolyline/

There is a slight difference to our routine, the choices as to which points to drop at certain zooms was made using the Douglas-Peucker routine instead of the distance method employed by the original routine. This allows the polygon to maintain its shape better at the lower zooms plus allows specifying the tolerance in meters instead of radians. The performance of our routine is less due to the additional math from the Haversine formula embedded in our D-P, but this is offset by the easier to understand code that was produced.

We are open to suggestions on how this routine can be improved, so please send any suggestions our way.

USNaviguide_Google_Encode.pm - A Perl module

October 19, 2007

New Application: Display a single USPS Zip Code Boundary

We've released a new application in our zip code arsenal for displaying a single zip code boundary:


This page uses the Google Maps Encoded Polygon method, so as you zoom in for a closer look, the details of the boundary increase and zooming out for a broader view shows less and less detail.

A license to this system can be purchased for $7,000 which includes the page, the server program, the zip code polygon database (unencoded) and the encoded database along with a database of every zip code identified with name, point (if possible), county, state and other information.

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