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November 2, 2007

Australian Postcode Boundary Map

We are proud to introduce a new product: Australian Postcode Boundary Map with search. This new program displays official Australian postcode boundaries from the entire continent down to the individual street level.


Searching is by city, postcode or address.

The tile layer for this program is available for a fee to use in your own maps! See salesdata.htm for more details.

November 15, 2007

Area Code (NPA) added to Zip Code Maps

We've recently added the telephone area code (NPA) to the zip code information being displayed on the USPS Zip Code Boundary Map page. This new bit of information appears in the infowindow (bubble) when the pushpin marking the zip code is clicked and also appears on the sidebar under the zip code name.

The area code data is current as of July/2007 and is derived from the Maponics NPA Area Code polygon database combined with the USNaviguide's USPS Zip Code Boundary polygon database.

Telephone Area Code (NPA) Map

We're pleased to announce the creation of a new map for Telephone Area Codes, otherwise known in the industry as NPA's.


As with our other maps, this one can be zeroed into an area code by either clicking on the map or keying in an area code. The map automatically zooms and centers to fit the area code in the viewport of the map. Additionally, the map can be accessed directly by adding an area code to the link:

http://www.usnaviguide.com/areacode.htm?n=<area code>



Feel free to link to us with this form if you'd like to use our maps on your site.

The base area code layer is available to use on your map for a fee. Contact us if you're interested at: Contact Us!

Source of data: Maponics Please contact Maponics directly if you're interested in acquiring the data for your company.

November 23, 2007

New demo: Resizable/Movable Ground Overlay

This Google Maps API demo is a modification of Pam's example that adds a few things such as being movable and the image is created on the fly based on the SW and NE corner coordinates.

On the server, the coordinates are transformed into pixels and the image is generated. The image contains the size in pixels and a square to indicate if there is any stretching of the image.

The purpose of this demo is as a starting point for generating an image with POI's, polygons and other information that can substitute for a tile overlay. It's much easier to implement and also can yield real time results if the underlying data is subject to change.


Here's the Perl module that calculates a "relative pixel:" (a modification of Ian Dee's PHP script)

# Calculate Relative Pixel...

To execute:

my @d = &RelPix( <latitude>,<longitude>,<zoom> ) ;

sub RelPix
my $lat = shift ;
my $lng = shift ;
my $zoom = shift ;
my $e = 0 ;
my @d = ( ) ; # 0:x 1:y

my $PI = 3.1415926536 ;
my $bc = 2 * $PI;
my $Wa = $PI / 180;
my $cp = 2 ** ($zoom + 8) ;
my $pixLngDeg = $cp / 360;
my $pixLngRad = $cp / $bc ;
my $bmO = $cp / 2 ;

$d[0] = sprintf("%0.0f", $bmO + $lng * $pixLngDeg ) ;

$e = sin($lat * $Wa) ;

if( $e > 0.99999 )
$e = 0.99999 ;

if( $e < -0.99999 )
$e = -0.99999 ;

$d[1] = sprintf("%0.0f", $bmO + 0.5 * log((1 + $e) / (1 - $e)) * (-1) * $pixLngRad ) ;

return (@d) ;

November 24, 2007

Relative Pixel Location Algorithm in Perl

We've added a new Perl module that calculates the relative pixel location on the "Google World" for the Google Maps API. This module will return a pixel coordinate when passed a latitude, longitude and zoom factor that can be used to correctly locate objects in an image used as a GGroundOverlay object.

This module is based on Ian Dee's excellent work to calculate tile names for custom tile layers. There are some differences, mostly in how the calculation is performed and rounding, but essentially, it is the same calculation found in Google's Javascript API code. An example has been added to demonstrate this routine in action: goverlay.htm

USNaviguide_Google_RelPix.pm - A Perl Module

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