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March 2, 2009

New Zipcodes - 2009/02

One new zip code was added in February:


New Product: Zip Code Images

We've just released a new product that should be quite useful to those who are interested in overlaying zip code polygons on maps.

Zip Code Images provide a library of PNG images with transparent backgrounds in three colors and three zoom levels (10,11,12). Total number of images are about 260,000. Each image has the bounding box geolocated to 6 decimal positions, which is sufficient to accurately place a zip code on a map.


USPS Zip Code Polygon Images: $2000 license fee for database plus $1500 for the images. Existing customers of our database can purchase a license to the images for $1500.

Current ZCTA Polygon Images: $2000 license fee for the images. No license fee for the database.

Both come with a table containing the bounding box, zip code name, county, state and centroid point.

Options include:

Custom colors: $500 to change three colors
Custom copyright message: $500
Additional colors: $500 per additional color (three zoom levels)
Additional zoom levels: Please inquire with zoom levels for pricing.

March 11, 2009

New Zipcodes - 2009/03

Six new zip codes were added in March:

09364 FPO
09758 DPO
09759 DPO
96447 APO
96532 DPO

March 17, 2009

New Product: Zip Codes by Radius

We're pleased to announce the release of our newest product:

"Zip Codes by Radius or Modified Polygon"


This application asks for an address (it can be a zip code too) and a radius in miles and draws a circular polygon that can be manipulated by dragging the points around to form an area of interest. Once the area is defined, clicking on the "Get Zipcodes" button will return a list of zip codes with "centroids" (center points) contained within that area. In addition, the actual shapes of the zip codes will be plotted on the map.

The list of zip codes (to the right of the map) contains a link that if hovered over by the mouse, changes the opacity of the zip code shape to 100% and back to 50% once the mouse leaves the link. If the link is clicked, the color of the shape will "toggle" through three colors.

We hope everyone finds this application useful, as it consumes a large number of hits, calling up a large area will quickly consume the 150 hits per user that are allowed for free use. Keep this in mind when using the program. Additional hits can be purchased at very reasonable rates. See: Salesdata page for more information on how to purchase hits.

March 26, 2009

Improved: Zip Codes by Radius Map

We've improved our "Zip Codes by Radius or Modified Polygon" product to allow color changes by clicking on the zip code itself.

Here's an example. Once the zip code boundaries are displayed, you'll notice that the "centroid" point is now marked with a yellow square with a black outline (between the 8 and the 1 of the zip code), as in this picture:

When the centroid is clicked, a box opens in the sidebar with the zip code name and a link as this picture shows:

Zip Code Information Window

To change the color of the zip code (three colors available that change with a "toggle" function), click on the link. Hovering over the link will cause the zip code boundary to switch from 50% opacity to 100% opacity, moving the mouse off the link returns the zip code to its previous state.

This version also adds imagery and data from our newest release of the data, 01/2009 from 07/2008.

We hope this improvement is useful to our users.

New Zipcodes - 2009/04

Six new zip codes were added in April:

09369 FPO
09372 FPO
09373 FPO
09374 APO
09376 FPO
09377 FPO

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