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New Product: Zip Codes by Radius

We're pleased to announce the release of our newest product:

"Zip Codes by Radius or Modified Polygon"


This application asks for an address (it can be a zip code too) and a radius in miles and draws a circular polygon that can be manipulated by dragging the points around to form an area of interest. Once the area is defined, clicking on the "Get Zipcodes" button will return a list of zip codes with "centroids" (center points) contained within that area. In addition, the actual shapes of the zip codes will be plotted on the map.

The list of zip codes (to the right of the map) contains a link that if hovered over by the mouse, changes the opacity of the zip code shape to 100% and back to 50% once the mouse leaves the link. If the link is clicked, the color of the shape will "toggle" through three colors.

We hope everyone finds this application useful, as it consumes a large number of hits, calling up a large area will quickly consume the 150 hits per user that are allowed for free use. Keep this in mind when using the program. Additional hits can be purchased at very reasonable rates. See: Salesdata page for more information on how to purchase hits.


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