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Problems using our Zip Code maps?

We've noticed a large number of errors in our logs in regard to tile servers. There is an issue with the way the tile servers function with proxy access, perhaps this is part of why there are errors.

We have an alternate version of the Zip Code maps that may work better for corporate users who have multiple IP proxy servers pulling tiles:
One Tile Server Version

Another issue is for users that have proxy servers that attempt to cache our content from our tile servers. We have an automated security system that will block IP's that exceed a certain threshold of invalid requests, and once blocked, the site will not appear to those domains. Companies and organizations that have this issue should configure their caching proxies to not cache the following domains:



If you've been blocked by our security system and would like to have the block removed, there is a $100 charge to do so. Please use this link to pay before contacting us:

Blocks will automatically be removed approximately 10 days after the proxy cache situation is corrected for a particular IP.

If you're still seeing tiles that have a contact message, please contact us so we can trouble shoot what's going on.

Contact Us

Note to those that are using IE8: There is a known problem with this browser and it can be addressed by switching on "Compatibility Mode" in the browser settings.

-John Coryat, USNaviguide LLC (maps.huge.info and zipmaps.net)


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