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Google Device Seeding Program

Today I received a free DROID (Verizon) phone from Google's Device Seeding Program for Top Android Market Developers.

This is a great thing that Google is doing for developers. My first Android device, the Google ION was also a gift from last year's Google IO, which I used to develop "Radar Now!", "What Zip Code?" and two others. Without this seeding program, many developers, including myself, wouldn't have jumped onto the Android bandwagon.

Now all I need to complete the set is a nice Nexus One, which I hope to receive when I check in at Google IO 2010! Sorry to all of you who didn't pre-register!

I will be using this nice DROID to upgrade "Radar Now!" and also to work on adding AdSense into the app. USNaviguide was accepted into the AdSense Beta for mobile devices last month and I've been waiting on this device to include it.

Again, Thanks Google for being such a great company!


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