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Telephone policy

We're often asked by potential customers to discuss our products, modifications or entirely new projects over the phone, our answer is always along the lines of "We prefer all discussions of projects, products or modifications to be in writing." While this policy is important to us, it rarely is palatable to the customer. We do this for many reasons, among them:

* It's impossible to remember everything said or agreed to on the phone.
* Misunderstandings of requirements are virtually always due to interpretations of what was said by who.
* Connection problems or language barriers are difficult to cross with a voice discussion.
* Voice conversations require all parties to be present and available at the same exact moment in time.
* Voice conversations are very time consuming and are often unproductive.
* The nature of a voice conversation leaves little time for thought, answers that come "off the top of one's head" are rarely the appropriate or optimum answer.
* Trade secrets can be easily divulged during a phone conversation.
* Having all communications in writing eliminate most of these problems.

Phone conversations can help ease a customer's concerns about their project, they can ask many questions and get quick answers, the problem is what are done with those answers. Often, the perception on one end of the phone is different than the other and those differences can lead to more problems than a quick call can solve.

We appreciate and value our customers but more importantly, we strive to accomplish what we state in a timely and accurate manner and phone conversations lead to confusion, misinterpretation and misunderstandings hence we prefer all communications to be in writing.

Thank you all for understanding this policy.

-John Coryat, President, USNaviguide LLC


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