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October 31, 2006

"Enterprise" use of our programs

All programs on this site can be used in any application for free within limits. Exceeding the free limit will cause your application to be locked out for a period of time. The limits are as follows:

Each IP is allowed 150 "hits" on any program followed by a 120 minute cessation of activity. After 120 minutes of no activity, your application will again be allowed another 150 hits. Please note that some applications consume more than one "hit" per use, such as applications that display a zip code as an image. Such a program would consume one hit to pull the Zip Code and another to pull the Zip Code image from the image library.

If this level of usage is not adequate for your application, "hits" can be purchased based on the following schedule:

"Enterprise use" Rate Schedule

1-1000 hits: $.01 per hit ($10 minimum)
1,001-5,000 hits: $10 plus $.005 per hit over 1,000 hits
5,001-10,000 hits: $30 plus $.003 per hit over 5,000 hits
10,001-50,000 hits: $45 plus $.002 per hit over 10,000 hits
50,001-200,000 hits: $125 plus $.0015 per hit over 50,000 hits
200,001+ hits: $350 plus $.001 per hit over 200,000 hits.

This schedule applies to hits purchased in advance.


Your application has a requirement of 15,000 hits.

$10.00 - First 1000 hits
$20.00 - 1001 to 5000 hits
$15.00 - 5001 to 10000 hits
$10.00 - 10001 to 15000 hits
$55.00 Total.

See this page for a hit calculator: Sales Information Page

Additional hits purchased are not additive. It would be most cost effective to purchase more than you need. No refunds for unused hits. No refunds for any reason what so ever. Please keep this in mind when using our services.

Customized programmatic interfaces are available at standard programming charges.

January 23, 2007

Polygons now available as shapefiles!

It's our pleasure to announce that the polygon products can now be offered in shapefile format in addition to text dumps at no additional charge! Import these polygons directly into your shapefile compatible systems!

February 4, 2007

New Zip Code Union (Merge) Program

We've published an new version of the popular 2000 ZCTA zip code boundary (click here) map that allows the merging of multiple zip code areas into one large area. This map (2000 ZCTA Zip Code Union Demo) can take a list of zip codes, clicks on the map or keying in zip codes one at a time to construct this merged (union of polygons) boundary.

Example Page Created

A page with a summary of the examples created as demos or discussion aids has been added at: Examples.htm. All examples are GPL, so use them as you see fit.

March 11, 2007

Tiger Based Geocoder Upgraded

The Tiger/Line based geocoder has been upgraded to use the Google Maps API and several other improvements. The database has also been upgraded to the 2006FE Tiger data. See for details. The older version is still available at

March 17, 2007

New version of Tiger based geocoder released

The Geocoder has been upgraded to use the latest available Tiger/Line database, 2006SE.

June 29, 2007

Samples of Zip Code and ZCTA polygons

For those who wish to see samples of the actual data files used in creating the USPS zip code and 2006 ZCTA boundary maps, there is a sample directory available in both shapefile and SQL data dump format:

The SQL data dump is PostgreSQL format, so no geometry is involved, however, the spatial data is stored as point and polygon data types so spatial queries can still be performed. This is for those that do not have PostGIS or another shapefile aware data system.

July 29, 2007

IP Requirement for purchasing hits

If you are interested in purchasing hits from our servers, here is important information for you to know:

The "hit" system is based on knowing your IP, which is a unique number that identifies your connection. Most servers, companies and home DS/Cable connections have an IP that rarely changes. Dial up users get a different IP each time they connect.

In order for us to apply "hits" you've purchased correctly, we need to know what IP your connection is using. If you are using a server and want to retrieve data from us, you should know your IP or should ask your administrator for this information. If you are using our services from a high speed connection, your IP will be attached automatically and added to an e-mail sent from our system (see link below).

After purchasing hits from one of the links provided on our salesdata page, please use the following link to send us an e-mail with the following information:

IP of your server
Name of application to be used (reverse geocoder, zip code inquiry, etc.)
Site of the application ( or

High speed internet users don't need to know their IP, it is automatically attached to the e-mail.

Link: Send us your IP

Please allow up to 48 hours to have your request processed. Many times this will occur within an hour or less.

Australian Postcode Tiles Now Available!

We've just released postcode tiles for Australia in zoom levels 5-17. These tiles are available to use on your own site for a $250 signup fee plus the regular per hit charges that apply to all our programs. Each tile delivered counts as a single hit.

Here's a sample at zoom level 14: (Sydney Harbor)

Sydney Harbor

If you'd like to sign up to use these tiles on your site, send us an e-mail (click here) and we'll send you the details on how this can be accomplished.

Tiles for USPS Zip Codes and ZCTA's for the United States are also available...

September 25, 2007

Local Search Tool Added to Maps

As some may have noticed, a new tool has been added to the zip code maps (2006 ZCTA Zip Code Boundary Map and USPS Zip Code Boundary Map) that allows searching for local businesses within the viewport of the map. This exciting new tool, part of the Google AJAX Search API, provides the user with an easy to use and effective search.

Please give this tool a try.

October 6, 2007

New Product Available: Zip codes with bounding boxes

We've developed a new product that contains the following fields:

Zip Code
Zip Code Name
State Number
County Number
Centroid Point
Point Zip Code Indicator
Southwest Corner
Northeast Corner

This table contains:
41,768 zip codes.
41,533 zip codes with centroids.
31,580 zip codes with bounding boxes.
10,188 point zip codes (PO Boxes, single buildings, etc.)

Included with this product is the state number to state name reference, with state bounding box and the county number to county name reference tables.

The price of this product is $600.00 and is available now. The data is current as of 09/2007.

October 19, 2007

New Application: Display a single USPS Zip Code Boundary

We've released a new application in our zip code arsenal for displaying a single zip code boundary:

This page uses the Google Maps Encoded Polygon method, so as you zoom in for a closer look, the details of the boundary increase and zooming out for a broader view shows less and less detail.

A license to this system can be purchased for $7,000 which includes the page, the server program, the zip code polygon database (unencoded) and the encoded database along with a database of every zip code identified with name, point (if possible), county, state and other information.

November 2, 2007

Australian Postcode Boundary Map

We are proud to introduce a new product: Australian Postcode Boundary Map with search. This new program displays official Australian postcode boundaries from the entire continent down to the individual street level.

Searching is by city, postcode or address.

The tile layer for this program is available for a fee to use in your own maps! See salesdata.htm for more details.

November 15, 2007

Area Code (NPA) added to Zip Code Maps

We've recently added the telephone area code (NPA) to the zip code information being displayed on the USPS Zip Code Boundary Map page. This new bit of information appears in the infowindow (bubble) when the pushpin marking the zip code is clicked and also appears on the sidebar under the zip code name.

The area code data is current as of July/2007 and is derived from the Maponics NPA Area Code polygon database combined with the USNaviguide's USPS Zip Code Boundary polygon database.

March 31, 2008

Reduced price on USPS Zip Code Database

Due to our reduced cost in producing the USPS Zip Code Polygon database, we are happy to announce a price reduction from $5000 to $2000 for the entire USA zip code polygon database. We've also changed the license policy on updates to no longer honor the discount when purchasing an update. Previous customers will still be entitled to the $1250 update price, all new customers from this date forward will pay the full price for updates.

August 24, 2008

New Addition to the USNaviguide Family

We are proud to announce the birth of our first child, Catherine, born on August 5th at 3:35am. She's healthy, perfect and beautiful.

December 10, 2008

New Google Ads format

You may have noticed on our site that the ads on the lower right hand corner now change as the map moves around. This is an exciting and really great change that Google is just now implementing to show more relevant ads to map users.

February 5, 2009

Highlight a Road Map Mashup

This mashup allows selecting a road by clicking on it. Most interstates, state highways and US highways are included and a lot of numbered roads as well. Some local roads show. The highlighted portion (an encoded GPolyline object) will be limited to one state.

The database is proprietary but NOT part of Google's (or anyone else's) directions or route finding service. It's 100% self contains on our servers. The database is available for license, interested parties please contact us directly for terms and costs. There is no web service available to pull road data from our database.

March 2, 2009

New Product: Zip Code Images

We've just released a new product that should be quite useful to those who are interested in overlaying zip code polygons on maps.

Zip Code Images provide a library of PNG images with transparent backgrounds in three colors and three zoom levels (10,11,12). Total number of images are about 260,000. Each image has the bounding box geolocated to 6 decimal positions, which is sufficient to accurately place a zip code on a map.


USPS Zip Code Polygon Images: $2000 license fee for database plus $1500 for the images. Existing customers of our database can purchase a license to the images for $1500.

Current ZCTA Polygon Images: $2000 license fee for the images. No license fee for the database.

Both come with a table containing the bounding box, zip code name, county, state and centroid point.

Options include:

Custom colors: $500 to change three colors
Custom copyright message: $500
Additional colors: $500 per additional color (three zoom levels)
Additional zoom levels: Please inquire with zoom levels for pricing.

March 17, 2009

New Product: Zip Codes by Radius

We're pleased to announce the release of our newest product:

"Zip Codes by Radius or Modified Polygon"

This application asks for an address (it can be a zip code too) and a radius in miles and draws a circular polygon that can be manipulated by dragging the points around to form an area of interest. Once the area is defined, clicking on the "Get Zipcodes" button will return a list of zip codes with "centroids" (center points) contained within that area. In addition, the actual shapes of the zip codes will be plotted on the map.

The list of zip codes (to the right of the map) contains a link that if hovered over by the mouse, changes the opacity of the zip code shape to 100% and back to 50% once the mouse leaves the link. If the link is clicked, the color of the shape will "toggle" through three colors.

We hope everyone finds this application useful, as it consumes a large number of hits, calling up a large area will quickly consume the 150 hits per user that are allowed for free use. Keep this in mind when using the program. Additional hits can be purchased at very reasonable rates. See: Salesdata page for more information on how to purchase hits.

March 26, 2009

Improved: Zip Codes by Radius Map

We've improved our "Zip Codes by Radius or Modified Polygon" product to allow color changes by clicking on the zip code itself.

Here's an example. Once the zip code boundaries are displayed, you'll notice that the "centroid" point is now marked with a yellow square with a black outline (between the 8 and the 1 of the zip code), as in this picture:

When the centroid is clicked, a box opens in the sidebar with the zip code name and a link as this picture shows:

Zip Code Information Window

To change the color of the zip code (three colors available that change with a "toggle" function), click on the link. Hovering over the link will cause the zip code boundary to switch from 50% opacity to 100% opacity, moving the mouse off the link returns the zip code to its previous state.

This version also adds imagery and data from our newest release of the data, 01/2009 from 07/2008.

We hope this improvement is useful to our users.

April 1, 2009

Improvement to Zip Code Maps

We've added a minor improvement to our zip code maps at: and

There is now an address search box which will help locate zip codes. Before, the zip code field was the only search besides clicking on the map, now an address, partial address, city and state, state or even a coordinate in latitude,longitude (like 34,-90 for instance) can be used to search out a zip code. A zip code can be used in the address field as well, but since this is using Google's geocoder, inaccuracies may be encountered by doing this. The best zip code results will be found using our system, which relies on the zip code field.

Additionally, instructions have been added to assist those not familiar with our maps. These instructions are fairly basic but are a lot more than was there before.

Please let us know if any problems are found with the new functionality. It's because of feedback from our users that we added this, so your input is very important.

April 9, 2009

Added Features to Zipcolors system

We added a new feature today on the Zipcolors system that now will show "point" zip codes as well as those that can be depicted as an area. These will show at the bottom of the list in the sidebar without a link and text saying '(point)' to the right of the zip code.

We've also added a button to the page that allows clearing of the polygon and markers from the page without removing or affecting the zip codes selected. This option will make the display clearer and cleaner.

April 13, 2009

Updated Zip Code Sites

We've updated both our zip code inquiry sites to use the latest version, 01/2009


This is our current and most up to date data.

April 15, 2009

New Version of Zip Code Boundary Map

We've released a new version of our popular zip code map on a new domain:

This version centers and zooms to show the entire zip code when one is selected. We'll be testing this version in the coming weeks and will most likely add the same enhancement to our other zip code offerings.

April 20, 2009

ZCTA Map Still Available

To those of you who have used our for the ZCTA's, we still have this available on a separate page now at the following URL: There is a link at the bottom of our zip code map to this one as well.

April 21, 2009

State Maps of Zip Codes Now Available

New state versions of the Zip Code Boundary maps are now available. Each map automatically zooms to the state.

Alaska Zip Code Map
Alabama Zip Code Map
Arkansas Zip Code Map
Arizona Zip Code Map
California Zip Code Map
Colorado Zip Code Map
Connecticut Zip Code Map
District_of_Columbia Zip Code Map
Delaware Zip Code Map
Florida Zip Code Map
Georgia Zip Code Map
Iowa Zip Code Map
Idaho Zip Code Map
Illinois Zip Code Map
Indiana Zip Code Map
Kansas Zip Code Map
Kentucky Zip Code Map
Louisiana Zip Code Map
Massachusetts Zip Code Map
Maryland Zip Code Map
Maine Zip Code Map
Michigan Zip Code Map
Minnesota Zip Code Map
Missouri Zip Code Map
Mississippi Zip Code Map
Montana Zip Code Map
North_Carolina Zip Code Map
North_Dakota Zip Code Map
Nebraska Zip Code Map
New_Hampshire Zip Code Map
New_Jersey Zip Code Map
New_Mexico Zip Code Map
Nevada Zip Code Map
New_York Zip Code Map
Ohio Zip Code Map
Oklahoma Zip Code Map
Oregon Zip Code Map
Pennsylvania Zip Code Map
Puerto_Rico Zip Code Map
Rhode_Island Zip Code Map
South_Dakota Zip Code Map
Tennessee Zip Code Map
Texas Zip Code Map
Utah Zip Code Map
Virginia Zip Code Map
Vermont Zip Code Map
Washington Zip Code Map
Wisconsin Zip Code Map
West_Virginia Zip Code Map
Wyoming Zip Code Map

April 28, 2009

County Zip Code Maps Available Now

We've created new county versions of our zip code maps. Each of these new maps shows the county zoomed in along with an outline of the county boundary and a label of the county name. They are grouped under each state version of our zip code maps at the following URL:

Click on the state you're interested in, and then the county to start the application.

Here's an example:

Under the Mississippi State Map:

There's a list of all Mississippi counties, select DeSoto County:

Town/City Zip Code Maps Available Now

We've created new versions of our zip code maps that detail each town and city (places) in the US. Each of these new maps shows the place zoomed in along with an outline of the town/city boundary and a label of the name. They are grouped under each county version of our zip code maps at the following URL:

Click on the state you're interested in, then the county, then the place you're interested in to start the application.

Here's an example:

Under the Mississippi State Map:

There's a list of all Mississippi counties, select DeSoto County:

Then, select a city or town from the list:

April 30, 2009

Household Demographics Added

We've added 2008 household counts to the zip code display page at:

To see these demographics, just key in a zip code, address or click on the map. The counts for 2008 households will be displayed in the sidebar where the area codes used to be. The area codes are still available, just click on the marker or the link in the sidebar to open the infowindow which will have the area code as well as the household counts for the 2000 Census.

These counts were derived by determining the blocks that lie in each zip code, calculating the change in population from the 2008 estimates from the Census by county, extrapolating the household counts for 2008 from that data and summing by block for each zip code.

Demographics Added to Zipcolors App

Demographics have been added to the application at this link:

Census 2000 household and estimated 2008 household counts have been added to the mapping display, totals on the sidebar and individual zip code counts when the hot point on the map is clicked.

New Product: Household Counts by Zip Code

We've added a new product to our ever increasing lineup:

"2000 Household and estimated 2008 Household counts by USPS Zip Code"

These demographics tie directly in with our USPS Zip Code Polygon Database and are available for a license fee of $500 with the purchase of our 01/2009 version of the polygon database.

The data is also integrated with our Zip Code Inquiry and our Zipcolors applications which are free to use online.

August 6, 2009

Android Users: Mobile App Coming Soon!

We've been working on a mobile application for Android phones (T-Mobile in the US) for a few months and are just about to release the app to the general public. The application will display a map of the zip (US only) code along with a pin to display your position.

The app will be free for the first 100 "hits" (one use equals one hit) with annual subscriptions available.

If you're interested in trying this application, please send us an e-mail and we will notify you when it is in the Android Market.

Contact page: click here

August 7, 2009

Mobile App Available in Android Market

Today we released our first Android Mobile Application to the Android Market.

This offering shows a shaded polygon with your current zip code along with a marker showing your position.

For those with Android devices, search the market for "What Zip Code" under the reference category and you'll find it.

Screen captures:

Splash Screen:

Output Screen:

If you see a red or yellow circle under the pin, that indicates the error range of the position fix. More accurate fixes result in a green pin (as shown). No circle visible indicates the fix is too accurate to depict it as anything other than a point.

September 6, 2009

New Android App: "Radar Now"

We're proud to announce the release of our second Android based mobile app to the market: "Radar Now!"

Radar Now carefully fixes your location to display the animated weather radar and current conditions closest to you.

The beauty of this application is its speed and simplicity. Radar Now requires no user input or configuration to retrieve the display.

Screen shots:

Splash screen:

Output screen:

Zoomed screen:

December 26, 2009

Website for "Radar Now!" Android App

We've launched a website to accompany our "Radar Now!" Android application that shows the usage over the previous day.

An interesting aspect of this custom overlay based map is how the tiles are generated. Since "Radar Now!" pretty much is used in every part of the US, tiles for the entire country have to be generated for each zoom level.

Each night, the tile generator scans through the database for records that have had activity for the previous 24 hours and generates 5 zoom levels in about two minutes.

February 5, 2010

Price increase announcement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've been forced to raise the license fee for our USPS Zip Code polygons from $2000 a release to $3000. Existing customers will be allowed one upgrade at the old price of $2000 before the price increase affects them.

In addition, we've increased the price for using our USPS Zip Code tile layer served from our tile servers from $250 setup fee to $1250 license fee, plus our minimum per hit fee has been increased from $50 (12,500 hits) to $400 (250,000 hits) with this fee being good for one quarter of a year instead of 13 months.

These price adjustments are in effect as of today.

-John Coryat, USNaviguide LLC

April 9, 2010

Radar Now! Milestone

Radar Now!, our Android weather application, crossed the 250,000 download mark today around 4:00pm CST. That puts this app in the top 0.7% of all Android apps. Quite a feat!

April 15, 2010

New version: January, 2010 Active

We've activated the new version on our USPS Zip Code map site at - our site remains for now on the older version, that one will be updated soon.

July 1, 2010

USPS Zip Code polygon Database Update Policy

USPS Zip Code Polygon Database product license policy is as follows:

The database has a "perpetual" license which means that the license doesn't expire.

The license covers the release of the database that is current when the license is purchased.

Future releases of the database must be relicensed at the then current price.

The database is released up to twice a year (two versions), usually in March (January data) and September (July data).

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